Tips for Choosing a CRM for Your Gallery

September 8, 2021

Tips for Choosing a CRM for Your Gallery

The ideal platform includes a robust, industry-specific set of features that will leverage data and will be something your employees will actually enjoy using.


More than ever, choosing the right customer-relationship management (CRM) solution is critical for businesses in the art industry — and it involves understanding the digital needs of your gallery or auction house. The right CRM will endow dealers and galleries with the ability to collect, analyze, and leverage data in a way that can help them increase sales in a modern, efficient way. While personal connections will always remain an important part of a successful art endeavor, industry-specific digital tools  will help owners and dealers manage their information, as well as their artists and their clients, much more effectively.

Key takeaways

  • Tips for choosing a CRM for your gallery
  • Explore industry-Specific Features for an art business
  • Learn about the four CRM Considerations an art business must keep in mind to make the most of their investment

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