Sales Masterclass: Your Next Client is in Your Database

September 8, 2021

Sales Masterclass: Your Next Client is in Your Database

How to make the most of your client database to grow art sales faster.


As the art world increasingly goes digital, your buyers’ journey — integrated with digital technologies — is critical to your success. Then, and only then, can you meet buyers where they’re at and drive online sales with integrity. Explore the collectors buyer journey, which will show you how connected data can help all of the stakeholders in your company  connect with collectors.

Key takeaways

  • The Client Journey: How ARTERNAL thinks about the client experience.
  • Best practices for enabling more personalized conversations with the client.
  • How to maximize the information in your client list to set yourself apart and your art business.
  • The Ultimate Buyer Journey Assessment Tool: to evaluate where you are today, identify your areas of opportunity, and gaps with your Integrated tools, and prioritize your next best steps.

Here’s what just some of our customer webinar participants had to say:

“The webinar was easy to follow and I learned new goals and strategy that I can apply in the future.”

“The presenter was very knowledgeable and the content was excellent.”

“I learned about some things I wasn’t very familiar with in a short period of time.”