CRM and Smartmail

July 30, 2021

ARTERNAL Core, Full Suite

The business of art is a relationship business -- learn to use the simple, powerful Customer Relationship Manager, made specifically and exclusively for art professionals.

The most valuable resource of any art professional is the totality of the relationships they've built over time. We will walk through how to strategize your client relationship management to close more sales and build a loyal client base through sophisticated CRM tools, processes, and business insights. Learn to use the ARTERNAL's CRM to begin, manage, maintain, and strengthen those relationships through multiple points of contact at the right time, and in the right form. Learn to organize your contacts in a way that works for you and your business. Begin by getting all your current contacts organized in one place, using easy-to-follow steps and CRM segmentation and engagement insights to prioritize your outreach and keep you front and center in your clients' minds.

You’ll Learn

  • Manage and communicate with your clients
  • Prioritize your outreach and follow-up efficiently to create peace of mind
  • Strengthen your relationship by serving the most interesting and relevant information, exhibitions, artists, and works.

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Customer Webinars

Take your skills to a new level with our Customer Webinars. These fast-moving 60 minute sessions translate learning into action and keep your business moving forward. Looking for a way to prioritizing your outreach and follow-up? Strengthen your relationship with your clients? We've got you covered.

Here’s what just some of our customer webinar participants had to say:

“The webinar was easy to follow and I learned new goals and strategy that I can apply in the future.”

“The presenter was very knowledgeable and the content was excellent.”

“I learned about some things I wasn’t very familiar with in a short period of time.”