Financial Tools

September 8, 2021


Learn to streamline your accounting and compliance process as only an ARTERNAL client can with automation and integrations.

When it comes to business and financials, it is crucial that they connect. The best way to do this is to ensure that two of your most important systems can seamlessly work together: your CRM and your accounting software. As sales and customer facing teams focus  on sales and the bottom line, the profitability, and overall finance, accounting, and compliance needs of your business should connect to your CRM. Without proper business and financial integration, art professionals cannot have a proper understanding of the health of their business.

You’ll Learn

  • Keeping your finances and sales tools in communication is a key for success.You want to streamline your accounting and compliance whenever possible through automation and integrations.
  • Leverage automation to minimize error and streamline processes.
  • Enhance your internal and external communication to streamline communication among your team members and customers.

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